As information technology develops, there are more cases of breaches of personal information and this is becoming a social problem. We, DBA. CC-PAY.NET, recognize privacy protection as an important social responsibility. In order to provide our services appropriately, the company will protect your privacy as follows:

1) Private information is necessary to carry out our services and will be obtained in appropriate ways. Our services include online payment processing, online members-only services and affiliate services. We collect specific personal information depending on the purpose of the service.

2) This information is only used to fulfil your specific request. Apart from when it is requested by law, it will not be disclosed unless you give us permission to use it in another manner.

3) We take safety measures to prevent unlawful access to personal information as well as leakage, loss and damage of this information. In the event that any threat stated above becomes obvious, we will review and tighten our safety policy.

4) In the event that we outsource operations that deal with personal information, we ensure their understanding with a contract and instruction on how to use and disclose the information with permission obtained at the time of receiving the information as well as safe administration.

5) When you ask us to disclose or amend your personal information that we retain, or change or delete any part of the previously agreed extent of disclosure, or you lodge a complaint or seek our advice on these matters, we will respond to you as much as possible after a proper identification.

6) We will comply with all the state laws and guidelines that apply to the personal information of our customers and employees. With proper management and necessary review to ensure appropriate operation, we continuously review and improve our personal information protection management.

(1) Personal information
1. Personal information is the information that can be used to identify a specific person. This includes your name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, profession and your work address.
2. In regard to the handling of personal information, we comply with all the laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
3. In order to handle your personal information in an appropriate manner, we establish systems for personal information protection. We educate our staff to ensure that we provide the best service by reviewing and improving the system regularly.
4. We follow relevant rules for collecting, using and disclosing personal information. We will not disclose any personal information beyond an agreed purpose without your permission. In disclosing personal information to a third party, we follow the procedure stated in law.

(2) Reasons for keeping personal information
We collect, use and analyse personal information only for the purposes as follows:
- For the necessary operation to provide or stop our services such as various setting-up on the server, invoicing service fees, payment processing and affiliate registration
- To abide by the laws and regulations
- To answer your inquiry on your personal information
- For identification
- To carry out transactions and contracts with you appropriately and smoothly
- To carry out our other business requirements appropriately and smoothly. This includes recruitment of employees, job-seekers and prospective employees, personnel management, welfare service, advertisement and workforce administration.
- To improve our existing services and products and to develop new services and products
- To provide useful information such as introducing new services and maintenance notices (including error information)
- To send necessary inquiries to you to carry out our business, confirmation and questionnaires to improve our services, after a cancellation
- To introduce and advertize the services that we and our group of companies are providing and other related services
- To respond to various inquiries

(3) Disclosure of personal information
1. We will never disclose your personal information to any third party without your permission, unless it is requested by law.
2. When we disclose personal information to a third party based on (2) above, we will ensure by way of a contract that the person keeps the same strict standard of personal information management at all times and we will ensure the implementation of this.

(4) Sub-contract the handling of personal information
We may sub-contract to a system operations company for collecting and managing personal information.

(5) Providing personal information
Providing personal information is on a voluntary basis. However, without providing the necessary information, you may not be able to use our service.

(6) Use of cookies and outside links
1. The site use cookies for gathering information on customers’ orders and purchases, how the customers use the site, and so on. Please note that, if you choose not to leave the cookies on, you may experience some limited functions on the site.
2. We use an access log file for gathering information on customers’ usage of the site. With this, we can collect information on statistic site usage information on IP addresses and other sites that customers visit; this will not be used to collect and analyze personal information.
3. The site includes some outside links. However, personal information will not be shared. We are not liable for personal information collected by the sites listed on our site. Please refer to the personal information protection policies on their sites.

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